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Welcome to Vendtronics Ltd.
CRANE Payment solutions

Vendtronics Lts. was established in 1992,
 Since then it provides systems and solutions in the field of control and
machinery supervision in self-service, copy machines, vending machines,
public systems, payment systems with a Smart card, card systems,
entrance to entertainment centers, stadiums and many more.
Our solutions include combinations of Hardware and Software.

Hardware: electronic systems, controllers and equipment, most are of our own
development and some are directly imported from the world's best manufacturers.

Software: development of applications and programs that support our equipment.

Professional quality control of the Hardware and the Software.

We make sure that every client and every system,
from the one independent device to the largest,
most complicated system which includes tens of units and
integration with additional suppliers will receive all of our attention and
help, all according to schedule. Most of our company's work is in Israel;
hundreds of systems, variety of clients from different sectors of the population.
Moreover, some of our projects in the field of printing and
photocopying are international.

You are more than welcome to contact us and join the satisfied family
 of our clients!

september 2017
אפליקציות על מסכי מגע 10 " 14 " 32"
הפעלת חדרי מחשב
מתקן מטבעות מחזיר עודף
מתקן מטבעות לא מחזיר עודף
קורא שטרות
הפעלת מיקוואות
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