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The Vendtronics system gives vending operators the ability to offer closed environment solutions for employees & staff using company identification cards or pre/post paid cards. closed-solutionsClosed environment solutions include: Educational facilities, Hospitals, Military bases, Factories, Large organizations, Airports, Train Stations, Any place where there is a large staff. Depending on the individual closed environment organization’s policies: Employee purchases can be deducted from their upcoming paychecks. Using their cards, employees can receive discounts from regular cash and cashless payments Employers can offer employees products at no cost Card purchases can be limited to: Specific cash values Specific number of units Daily & monthly limits Specific machines and products Among the advantages are: Enhanced customer service Verifiable transaction reporting All information is presented in read-only format All information is strictly limited to their institute or organization. Absolutely no additional information is available to them Less time spent on program administrative activities
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